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Raspberry wedding at Austin Rennaisance Hotel"Wow--what else can I say.  Everything was perfect and I know you went above and beyond in getting everything perfect.  The chapel looked just amazing.  I had a moment to step out on the upstairs balcony right before the service and take in the string quartet music and see the flowers and candles and it was such a beautiful setting.  You created the perfect ambiance for us.  The Glass Oaks Ballroom came alive with the floral and I truly appreciate all your hard work.  I know how much effort goes in to getting each table and arrangement made and in place--you are probably exhausted for a couple days after you do a wedding. 


You are so very talented and your pride in your work is evident each step of the way.  My most sincere thank you for setting such a beautiful stage!!  Joyce", The Woodlands


"I have heard from numerous sources that everything looked gorgeous and that is thanks to you! Wow. thank you so much for everything! You are amazing! It was perfect!"  Samantha