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Austin Wedding Day, Bridal Events of Distinction    

Display by Austin Event Planner Michele Thompson


This original arrangement was over seven feet tall and placed on a sixty inch

table base.  (The table is actually large enough to seat eight to ten persons. )

White orchids floated within three large glass cylinders.  The crowning

arrangement consisted of white orchids, stargazer lilies and a fountain

of large calla lilies.  Curly willow inserted within the arrangement reached for

the ceiling.


Three small floral arrangements and rose petals were set at table height to

complete the display and to bring the eye downward.  Folded, sealed pink

menus tucked into white tuxedo folded napkins, accented with small calla

lilies and placed on gold rimmed chargers further enhanced this elegant

table setting.  Shining glassware was perfectly placed on white dotted swiss

organza over floor-length pink taffeta.  Gold chivari chairs added a finishing touch.

Pink Candy Bar!

Cocktail Tables & Taffeta Sashes.

Elegant, Sparkling Setting.

Pink Rimmers.


Chic apothecary jars were layered with pink, chocolate and vanilla candies

and topped with large pink lollipops for a pretty representation of a candy bar.

Cocktail tables were covered with white lamour and accented with pink taffeta

sashes to coordinate with the primary display.  Signature cocktails were presented

with pink sugar rimmers.


Note:  Cocktail tables encourage guests to mingle.  Pretty signature cocktails

make a design statement and add to the festive mood. 


Guests feel truly special when they see how much detail you have put into your

celebration and they will rave about it for years--it's the details that count.




"Austin Bridal Show"

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Austin, TX